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Boost your Natural Endorphins



Endorphins. Also known as the “Feel-good Chemical”. They are naturally produced chemicals in your central nervous system that transfer information from one cell to another. If you find yourself in a stressful or painful situation, your brain will automatically produce a surge of endorphins to try and make you feel better. They are sometimes referred to as the natural pain killer.

However, you don’t have to necessarily be upset or angry to have these stimulants released. There are aromas, actions, and foods you can try that will produce these endorphins and in turn make you feel good, better, and happier. Even if you are in a great mood– try some of these tactics to make way for an even better day!


Use your sense of smell.

Vanilla- helps reduce anxiety and alleviate stress.
Lavender- improves symptoms of depression and insomnia

To get the endorphins boosting try:
- lighting some vanilla or lavender scented candles around the house,
- add vanilla oils to your bathwater
- dab lavender oil on your wrists


Whether it’s a light walk around the neighborhood, a jog around the park, or engaging in a group exercise getting into a rhythm of continuous exercises releases endorphins.

Turn up the beats. Listen to music.

Listening to the music you love triggers a natural joy and releases endorphins. Music and dancing go hand in hand here. Go ahead, listen to some music, dance around and get exercise. You are sure to release some happy feelings with the two combined!

Eat something spicy!!

Hot and spicy foods such as chili’s contain a chemical called capsaicin. When this “spicy sensation” comes into contact with your tongue, it tricks the brain into thinking that you are in pain–which releases the pain-relieving endorphins! Tricky Tricky.

Whenever possible it is important to laugh often, smile more, and surround yourself with people who lift you higher! Happiness is not by chance, it’s a choice. Life is too short to be anything but happy :)

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