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Christmas Decorating Tips

Starting from the outside and headed in lets get crafty this holiday season and spruce up your basic decorations.

Start with your Front Door:


Your front entrance is your first impression. If you love the holidays, show your neighbors, guests, and santa that you do with a well spirited entrance.


Wreath: You could buy one from the same place you bought your tree, or make one out of ornaments. If you choose the make one, make sure you have a hot glue gun handy! For a more indepth tutorial check out Matt & Becky’s Blogspot

Christmas Sign: Instead of a wreath, you could create a cute holiday sign to hang on your door. All you would need is a piece of scrap wood and some stencils. Keep it simple: Joy, Believe, Santa, Baby it’s Cold Outside are just a few ideas.

Just remember, the more original, the better!

Turn an old ladder into a Christmas Tree and station it out front.

String lights around the ladder and put a star on top. Need a visual? Check this guy out.


 Inside–Spruce up the Stairs

Green Garland: Add a seasonal flair with green garland, ornaments, and pinecones intertwined up and around the stair case.

Snowflakes and Lights: If you wanted to cutout some snowflakes you could tape them along the staircase and string lights for a more gentle approach. For a tutorial on how to cutout snowflakes visit Martha Stewarts step-by-step approach!

Hang Stockings for Santa to Fill


If you don’t have a fireplace, get creative on where to put the stockings.

You could place them underneath an entertainment center or put them along the bottom of your kitchen island. If neither of these ideas work for you, maybe tack them outside a door or near an archway!

Last but not Least- Light some Candles.

Pick scents that remind you of Christmas. Trust your personal preferences. I personally love a toasty vanilla in the kitchen and a rustic pine in the living room.

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