Top Reasons to Live in New Jersey

Some people love the state of New Jersey while others feel the opposite, but regardless of your feelings towards New Jersey, it’s hard to deny all of the many reasons why it’s such a spectacular place to live. Aside from the chatter around the lack of green and the high amounts of pollution, New Jersey is actually very beautiful. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider living in the great state of New Jersey!

Garden State Parkway trailblazerTransportation

While New Jersey is really one of the smallest states, the population is huge. With such a large population, it’s critical that they have top notch transportation, and that’s exactly what they’ve created.

From jumping right on the highway to being a connection between two major metropolitan centers, it’s pretty easy to get to where you’re looking to go without much of a headache.

Diversity2011 Diversity Conference

While a lot of people tend to think that Italians make up most of the population in New Jersey, this isn’t entirely true. Sure, those of Italian descent make up about 25 percent of the state, but African Americans and Latinos also make up a big chunk of the population.

From different races to religions, New Jersey actually has the second largest Jewish and Muslim populations in the country. If you’re looking for a diverse place to live, you can count on it living in New Jersey.

Jersey Shore 7amClose to water

It’s not often that you have the opportunity to be so close to a vacation spot on a beach and so close to a big city within such a small demographic. New Jersey has a number of vacation destinations throughout the state, with picturesque spots like Cape May or fun and exciting spots like Atlantic City.

And get this – New Jersey has over 50 resort cities and towns, which is pretty exceptional for a small state.

Full service gas stations$2.79!  Screech!  Get in Line!

Hate having to get out of your car in the rain or freezing cold to pump your gas? Well in New Jersey, you don’t have to.

That’s right – in fact, it’s against the law to pump your own gas. The state of New Jersey is full of full service gas stations where you don’t have to do anything besides pull up, turn the car off and pay the attendant to pump your gas.

In reality, it’s a win-win for you and the folks that live in New Jersey. This is because it’s obviously much easier for you, and it creates a slew of jobs for people in the state.

Shopping galore

Outlet Shopping Center "The Walk" in Atlantic City, NJ.

Love to shop? Then New Jersey is the place for you. New Jersey is well known for their variety of awesome shopping centers and outlet shopping, great for people looking for a good deal and who love to shop.

There are more shopping malls per square mile in New Jersey than any other location in the United States. How about them apples?

Paramus, a borough of NJ, generates $5 billion in annual sales alone. Yes, this means you truly can just shop until you drop when you live in New Jersey!

Close to the big cityNYC view

Finally, New Jersey is a great alternative to living in the very busy and expensive New York City. New Jersey has so many areas that are relatively inexpensive, close to transportation and great for raising families and more. The perk? The big city is just a bus, train or subway ride away.

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