6 Ways You Can Be Happier at Work

A 2013 study shows that over 70% of Americans are unhappy at work. That’s a scary high number — just think about how much time you spend there! More time then you spend awake at home afterward. Whether the boss is on your back, you’re stressing about the workload, or the co-workers are being difficult, read below for 6 tips to be happier at work.

Morning Time

It’s crucial to give yourself time in the morning. If you’re rushing out the door every day, you’re not giving your brain enough time to get prepared for the day ahead. Take a hot shower, have some coffee, turn on the TV or read a magazine, then eat some breakfast. We’ve all heard the same lines growing up – breakfast is important, it’s healthy, it’ll wake you up, etc. It’s all true, so don’t skip it!

Early Productivity

Simply put, do the harder work at the beginning of the day. You’re more productive and more focused, and it won’t be hanging over your head. That way, you can leave at 5:00 – no more trying to finish the project last minute!


Look at your job as a learning experience. If you don’t feel you’re growing and learning, you’re not putting yourself out there to gain knowledge. Ask for feedback from your boss about how you can improve and change. Try to learn more about all of the parts of your company. Find out what other departments are doing and you might find something that really interests you.

Cut the Distractions

In a world where everybody has an iPhone, it’s pretty easy to access anything you could ever want at work. Facebook, games, texting, calling – they all seem like things that could make you happier. But they aren’t! They distract you from getting your work done, which in turn gives you less time, and makes you more stressed. Keep your phone away from your desk. You’ll be busier, more productive, and the time will fly by faster. The quality of your work will go up as well.

Take Breaks

Nobody is expecting you to do the exact same thing for all eight hours of the day. Go outside, take walks, stretch, and give yourself breaks — even if they only last for 5 minutes. Exercise (even if it’s just a little) is so important for your health, and it makes you happier. On the same note, eat something nutritional for lunch. Nutritional food is good for the brain and it will make you happier. Junk food will make you tired.


The simple act of smiling can actually make you more happy, even if you’re not. And it will make everyone around you happy as well. Take a few deep breaths, smile, and try to cut the negativity out of your daily routine. Don’t let bad moods control you, and don’t be afraid to say “no” to unreasonable requests.

Felicia Walkins is a freelance writer for Jackson Twenty-one. Connect with her on .

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