5 Beautiful Reasons to Adopt a Child

Genuine love for children

There is so much beauty to be said about a child. They are so pure and innocent (at first) and can really be crafted into something amazing. Children are the future generation. Daily living and conflict resolution are some basic skills that can have a long lasting impression on a child. To stamp your personal ethics and morals on something that will represent the future is admirable goal to some people.

Only Child Syndrome

Having a brother or sister is one of the best things for a kid. It is a guaranteed friend. When couples are faced with infertility, adopting is the next best thing. Not only does it give your child a sense of responsibility of the “older” brother or sister, but it also gives you the ability to grow your family.


“Because I have a brother, I will always have a friend” – unknown author

All my single ladies? Enjoy the experience of parenthood

Infertility in woman starts to decline around the age of 35, and it is almost impossible to conceive around the age of 45. Now a days, women are pushing the idea of children off until later years due to the fact that they wish to focus on their career. Miss Universe and film actress, Sushmita Sen, is a single mother who adopted a child. As she puts it, “this little girl needed a mom and I needed a child.” When you know, you know. It can be as simple as that.

Miss Universe Adoption


Save a child

The idea of rescuing a child who would otherwise grow up without the benefit of a support system and loving family is a great reason to adopt a child. Some moms get pregnant too young and can’t afford to give their child a healthy life. Others are brought into this world due to drugs and abuse. Whatever the reason may be, saving a child from an unstable environment is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give them.

Reap the benefits, forget the labor.

Some pregnancies can be brutal. You can experience “morning” sickness at any hour, your diet is limited, and you are always tired. For a career woman on the go-go, these symptoms are not ideal. Not to mention the awful pain and cramping one has to experience going through labor. If choosing to adopt, you skip all these awful features and just get to purely enjoy the life of parenting.

For more information on adoption check out the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

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