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Christmas Decorating Tips

Starting from the outside and headed in lets get crafty this holiday season and spruce up your basic decorations.

Start with your Front Door:


Your front entrance is your first impression. If you love the holidays, show your neighbors, guests, and santa that you do with a well spirited entrance.


Wreath: You could buy one from the same place you bought your tree, or make one out of ornaments. If you choose the make one, make sure you have a hot glue gun handy! For a more indepth tutorial check out Matt & Becky’s Blogspot

Christmas Sign: Instead of a wreath, you could create a cute holiday sign to hang on your door. All you would need is a piece of scrap wood and some stencils. Keep it simple: Joy, Believe, Santa, Baby it’s Cold Outside are just a few ideas.

Just remember, the more original, the better!

Turn an old ladder into a Christmas Tree and station it out front.

String lights around the ladder and put a star on top. Need a visual? Check this guy out.


 Inside–Spruce up the Stairs

Green Garland: Add a seasonal flair with green garland, ornaments, and pinecones intertwined up and around the stair case.

Snowflakes and Lights: If you wanted to cutout some snowflakes you could tape them along the staircase and string lights for a more gentle approach. For a tutorial on how to cutout snowflakes visit Martha Stewarts step-by-step approach!

Hang Stockings for Santa to Fill


If you don’t have a fireplace, get creative on where to put the stockings.

You could place them underneath an entertainment center or put them along the bottom of your kitchen island. If neither of these ideas work for you, maybe tack them outside a door or near an archway!

Last but not Least- Light some Candles.

Pick scents that remind you of Christmas. Trust your personal preferences. I personally love a toasty vanilla in the kitchen and a rustic pine in the living room.

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4 Reasons to Live in an Arts Community


Imagine a community filled with musicians, designers, and writers. Or filmmakers, dancers, and artists. The list goes on an on. Any community focused around the arts is a great place to live. Why? Most of the people that occupy these areas are very creative. And that has major advantages. Some of the freshest ideas come from artsy people who are also willing to take risks. Here are four reasons an arts-focused community is a great place to live:

Film Festivals

Some of the best movies are not made in Hollywood. They’re made by indie filmmakers or teams with much lower budgets, who still have great ideas to share. Movies like Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, Into The Wild, and The Breakfast Club are all indie movies. Where do these movies premiere first? Film festivals, which are held in arts communities. So get out there and see some of the best emerging or well known film talent out.

Excellent Food

Raw food Chili con Cacao
For restaurants in these communities, food is not just something you put in your mouth. It’s an actual art. The way it’s presented on the plate will be different everywhere you go, and it tastes excellent. Lets not forget about the theme of the restaurants, either. It’s not a surprise to walk into a place with a 50′s celebrity theme, American history theme, or vintage sports theme. You could find Elvis or Babe Ruth’s signature sitting right next to you.

Performing Arts

If you live in an arts community, you’ll become very familiar with the live music and theatrical art scene. If you’re into musicians that produce great music but don’t have the radio fan-base, you’re headed to the right place. Be prepared for venues that can hold 600 – 1000 people. The sound quality is usually very high, and meet and greets usually happen free, simply because the artists love getting to know their fans. Love the music on the radio? You might find a local stadium or sports center that hosts these artists, too. Just don’t forget about plays. If you haven’t been to a play since you were young, give it another try! They can be very humorous and a lot of fun.

Street Art

The Green Room - Old Snow Hill - Always Fresh - street art
Street art is everywhere, and you’ll probably notice something new on your way to work every day. A lot of businesses will hire a street artist instead of getting a boring old sign. And don’t forget about the literal street artists, either. Take a minute to converse with them, and check out what they’re painting or drawing.


Felicia Walkins is a freelance writer for Jackson Twenty-one. Connect with her on .

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6 Reasons to Support An Arts Community

Houston Ballet PerformsThe arts can be described as fundamental to our humanity, bringing us the beauty of music, the romance of dance and the refinement of painting. Without the arts, our culture would lack a generous amount of creativity, which is why at Jackson Twenty-One, we are dedicated to building our arts community. But what are the key reasons you should be supporting an arts community? Here are six.

Health and well-being

Whether you’re dancing, painting or simply listening to music, the arts can help keep you healthy and happy. This is because being artistic can allow you to be creative and channel energies that you might not normally channel when doing ordinary things. The arts also allow you to concentrate and relax, which can help with blood pressure and stress levels. Getting out of the house to go watch the performing arts is also a great option for something positive to do with your time and energy.

Improved academic performance

There’s been an increased lack of support for the arts in schools, and unfortunately this is impacting academic performance. Why? Because students who engage and participate in the arts perform better academically, including higher GPAs and SAT scores, lower drop-out rates and overall better attitudes towards helping the community.


Find it rather challenging to get those creative juices flowing on the regular? By participating in the creative arts, you’ll rarely have difficulty being creative. This is simply due to the fact that the more you’re around the arts and engaging in activities such as visiting museums, listening to symphonies, and watching plays, the more likely you are to be creative in the way you’re thinking and carrying on your day to day activities.


One of the greatest things about the arts is that they are the cornerstone of tourism. Those who travel to see the arts are the ideal tourists, who stay longer in a single place and spend more money during that time. Tourism for the arts can include anything from traveling across the country to watch your favorite musician perform or to visit New York City to watch the ballet.

Support local

Going along with tourism, those who travel to see the arts are helping to support the local economy. Whether someone is traveling into a city for a performance or for a week-long festival, those tourists are going to stay at a local hotel, will eat at local restaurants and will shop at local stores. These costs are important for local businesses and help them thrive during their tourist seasons.

Stronger sense of community

Research actually indicates that those who live in an area with a high concentration of the arts leads to higher civic engagement, higher child welfare, greater social cohesion and lower poverty rates. This is because a thriving arts community helps ensure that young people are not raised in a culture that focuses solely on pop culture and what’s happening in the reality TV world. Instead, growing up in an arts community helps a person develop into a well-rounded and culturally sound individual.

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