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7 Tips for Decorating on a Budget

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Decorating a room isn’t always easy. You don’t know what’s truly going to look good until it’s in place. You don’t want to break the bank, but you don’t want a room to look half done. Well, spending less money will help put your mind at ease! Whether you’re moving into a new place or just looking to spruce up a room you’re tired of, follow these tips to save some cash.

Get Crafty with Frames:

Putting framed art above a fireplace or a couch is a great way to take up wall space. Instead of buying art, make it yourself! You’ll be surprised at how good your own art can look in a frame. If you’re not feeling artistic, put up pictures, or even actual products. Anything flat, such as clothing, can look good in a frame if done correctly. For even more jazz – try designed frames instead of your typical black or white.

Paint the Place:

A can of paint goes a long way, and if you’re tired of your room, you’re could just be tired of the color. Try a fresh new color all around, or experiment with an accent wall. It could open your eyes to different design ideas that you may not have thought about.

Lights & Lampshades:

Lighting is the key component in the feeling of your room. Instead of replacing the lamps you have, try giving them a colorful new shade. You can also pop in some colored light bulbs.

Plant Pizzazz:

Plants can be a great way to add natural freshness to a room. Display them in a typical pot, or get some colored pots for a vibrant look. Or, try old jars you might have lying around!

New Pillows:

If you don’t have the money for a new couch, new pillows are the second best option. They can bring out the colors in the rest of the room, and even help to make your couch look newer.

Flea Market Furniture:

Try looking at flea markets and garage sales for pieces with old charm. A lot of times, you’ll find coffee tables, nightstands, and other quality furniture sold by people just looking for a change of pace. You’ll often find that no painting is necessary.


You can use rugs to tie everything in the room together, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than getting a carpet installed. Different colors are easy to find, making it simple to make your room vibrant, or toned down. Use rugs in different sizes to help split the room visually.

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Benefits of Living in a Townhome


While the idea of owning a home with a white picket fence and a huge, private yard is ideal, it’s unrealistic for a lot of people. This is where townhome living comes into play. Townhomes are practically everywhere now, and many people are seeing the advantages and snatching them up in the real estate market while they can. For others, however, it might take a little more convincing to help them understand how great living in a townhome really can be. Here are some of the many benefits of living in a townhome!

Exterior maintenance

You better believe that when you live in a townhome as opposed to owning your own property, your personal responsibility for exterior maintenance decreases. This means that when it comes to taking care of the bushes or raking leaves or even shoveling snow in the winter, these burdens wouldn’t be on you. The less responsibility you have for exterior maintenance, the more time and effort you have to put into the interior of your home.

Better security

Since neighbors are in such close proximity, it’s pretty obvious that it would be heard loud and clear if someones home was being broken into. Living very close to others also allows you to form bonds with them so if there were ever an emergency or even if you just locked yourself out of your home, your neighbors could have a spare key in case you need to be let back in.

Community amenities

In many townhome communities, you’ll find community amenities that are offered to community members who pay home owner association (HOA) fees. These amenities can include anything from tennis courts and pools to fitness centers and more! When it comes down to it, this could save you from spending monthly fees with the gym as well as additional entertainments.

No neighbors above or below you

As opposed to the difficulties of living in a normal apartment building, when you’re living in a townhome you don’t have to deal with anyone living below or above you. Traditionally this means you’ll have multiple levels in your townhome as well as higher ceilings. Just think – you won’t have to tip toe around at night anymore or even worse, listen to people stomping around above you.

More space

When you are living in a townhome, most times the square footage is going to be much more worth your money than it is in a regular apartment or home. Since townhomes are three to four stories tall, builders are able to fit much more available living space between the walls, giving you the most square footage as possible. This can result in a more enjoyable, open and spacious living area.

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Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment

tinytown!When you finally find your first apartment, you might have big dreams for how you’d like to decorate it. Unfortunately, when many of us get our first apartment, we don’t exactly have the budget for the nicest and most expensive decorations and furniture. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on decorating your first apartment. Here are some tips for decorating your first apartment on a serious budget!

Childhood favorites

While you might want to ditch a lot of your old, childhood items, don’t get rid of them all. Think of what you can re-purpose for your new place and set those items aside. Remember – it’s not hard to paint or reuse older items. If you have an old dresser that you used growing up but just doesn’t fit your style anymore, think about the ways you can change it to make it fit with your new style. Whether this means painting it another color or changing the knobs to something a little more modern, don’t be afraid to make changes to an already great piece of furniture!


Paint can easily change the look and feel of a room, so don’t get discouraged when walking into an apartment with only white walls. For less than $50 a can, you can completely transform rooms from dull to fabulous! Just make sure you pick the paint colors carefully and make sure they all compliment each other.


You don’t have to buy $500 paintings in order to make your apartment look sophisticated. By shopping at thrift stores and garage sales, you’ll be shocked by the types of artwork you can find for less than $20. If anything, look for interesting and unique frames that you can fill with prints of your choice.

Shop sales

This is a given, but when I say shop sales, I mean REALLY do your research. The Internet is such an amazing resource when it comes to saving money on larger items. There are always certain times of the year too that sales are more legitimate than other times. Try to find sales at the end of the seasons when retailers are trying to get rid of old inventory for the upcoming season. This way, you can ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. Don’t forget to look for coupons also! You never know what types of coupons are available for specific items, even coupons up to 40 percent off!

Think outside the box

Find colorful and bright accent pieces for your new apartment to add pops of color that will be sure to add dimension to your space. Even if you have to refinish a side table or buy a few plants to bring life to the room, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Felicia Walkins is a freelance writer for Jackson Twenty-one. Connect with her on .

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The Benefits of Living in an Apartment

Verdi - Paris Apartment - LivingThere are several advantages to living in an apartment. First and foremost, the upkeep and bills are minimal compared to that of owning a house. And less maintenance means more quality time with friends and family. Also, many apartment complexes have amenities available to them that homeowners do not. Like a pool, playground or exercise facility, just to name a few. Finally, depending on where your apartment is located, city life has many benefits within itself.

Maintenance a call away

As a homeowner, you are responsible for everything that goes awry, from a broken appliance to a plumbing problem. You are also responsible for the day-to-day chores, which may seem endless if you live in a big home. However, one of the perks of living in an apartment is that you are not responsible for repairs. Most apartment complexes have a maintenance crew on staff. Therefore, if you were to experience a broken pipe or a malfunctioning appliance, the apartment complex will take care of that. Plus, there is no lawn to mow or yard work to be done!

Abundance of amenities

If you live in an apartment complex, another advantage is the many amenities you will receive. Security systems and gates, swimming pools, fitness centers, and garages are among the most common. While the best and most upgraded amenities may require more of a financial investment on your behalf, the security you receive with be worth the money. Plus, these amenities will allow you to relax and enjoy life, making your apartment experience worthwhile.

Lower monthly bills

A luxury apartment may cost more in rent, but the money you save in utilities will be tremendous. Since apartments are smaller than houses, you can cut back on electricity and other utilities like water and gas. And while some apartment complexes include a small fee for lawn care, think of the money you will save in regards to purchasing and maintaining a lawn mower and other yard tools.

Exposure to cultural diversity

Living in a rural area provides many cultural advantages. In most cities there are different cultural neighborhoods such as China Town or Little Italy. These types of neighborhoods often have the best food, music and arts. Ethnic neighborhoods tend to be cheaper too. Cities also attract colleges and educational programs. If you’re interested in furthering your education, taking adult evening classes is the way to go. Plus, college students make the best babysitters!

Extensive public transportation

Jenna and Suzanne on the busThere are many advantages to city apartment dwelling. When you live in a city, there is no need for a vehicle. Trains, buses and subways are popular forms of public transportation. Or, you can choose to walk to the grocery store, movie theater or work. Not only will you get plenty of exercise, but also you have the opportunity to meet new people along the way. From the friendly woman on the bus to the checkout clerk at the local grocery store, city life can be fantastic.


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